Our Team

We are not just any old organisation, it is the people involved who make Leicester Academy of Music, Technology & Arts the organisation it is.


  • James Simpson


The tutors at Leicester Academy of Music, Technology & Arts are all music industry professionals, some of whom have toured, recorded with, and produced many major and breakthrough artists from across the globe.

Our tutors are not academics, they’re qualified practitioners, still innovating and inspiring.

Steve Shilton – Programme Manager Andy Bestwick – Lecturer (English & Maths) Gareth Bloye – Lecturer
Steve has mainly been responsible for managing the curriculum of the various courses the centre has undertaken as well as teaching and leading the BTEC courses.

He lives by the saying “Fake it till you make it”. If you feel you are not good enough to do something, keep trying and keep faking it. Then one day you’ll realise that you’ve made it.

 Lifelong classical musician.Joined the army as a military musician after leaving school,

Trained as an instrument maker and repairer.

Since taking early retirement from 20 years of classroom teaching, he currently plays tuba for the Leicester Symphony orchestra and has been elected chairman of the orchestra.

A  fan of all genres of music from dub-step to grunge and hip-hop to psytrance.

Specialising in all things Music Tech and covering recording sessions and performing with technology on all our courses. Over the years Gareth has played live electronic sets and sets with live instruments.

 Paul Cole – Lecturer Michaela Colk-Thornton- Lecturer
I have a philosophy with drumming which is to create rhythm parts that best serve the song and give it the energy it needs to make the songwriter and listener the happiest bunnies in the room.

My newest fascination is with Ableton Live and I love discovering new ways in which to integrate electronic drumming and sampling into a live environment through this creative digital tool.

Michaela has over 20 years experiences in performance. She graduated in 2014 with a 2:1 Hons Degree in Performing Arts and Innovation, She specialises in Marketing, Promotion and Events Management.

She can also be found teaching Singing and producing the Centres yearly Musical Theatre productions.