A-Level Music

The A-Level Music course is a Music is an extension of the work studied at GCSE and runs every Monday 6:30pm – 8:30pm during term time. The examination board the centre uses is Edexcel.

This course is designed to cater for aspiring performers, composers and those who just enjoy music and wish to continue their music studies at a higher level.  In the three units to be studied for Music candidates will undertake performance, aural, composing and historical studies of music. Students study a series of set works which is assessed in a listening and written exam. At the end of the first year you would preferably need to be around grade 6 standard on your chosen instrument. You will also need to be having regular lessons on that Instrument.

There is an expectation that students at this level will demonstrate the ability to manage their own independent learning between the weekly taught sessions in order to achieve success.