GCSE Music

GCSE Music at Soar Valley Music Centre runs every Monday 4pm – 6pm during term time. The examination board the centre uses is OCR and the course runs for two years.

There are 4 main strands to the GCSE:

  • Integrated Tasks (a solo performance, a solo composition and a write – up),
  • Practical Portfolio (an ensemble performance, an ensemble composition and a write – up),
  • Creative Task (a timed composition),
  • Listening Test (Exam paper with audio CD that could cover any music from 1600 – 2016).

Students will learn how to improve performance, compose, use music notation software, appreciate the importance of music theory and cover over 400 years of music – covering a huge variety of styles, techniques and instruments.

A big part of this qualification is to give students a full, far reaching, in depth music course than aims to improve musicianship skills, better their performing and composing skills, strengthen their listening skills, yet to be encouraged to be as creative as possible.

The GCSE Music teacher has been teaching GCSE Music at the centre since 2009 and has been Head of the GCSE Music course since 2013.